NIVEA Share the Love Campaign (2012)

NIVEA needed a campaign to promote it's special edition love cans. We were asked for someting entertaining and engaging for all the +18 people in Romania.

The whole campaign gravitated around the website in which one could choose on a customised google map three special places. They could choose between "the first kiss", "the place where I asked her", "where we met" and so on.

The campaign won 1 Effie and 2 Internetics awards.

The whole concept of the website was to generate a virtual place formed by corners of the city in a NIVEA way. Here's what turned up.

Glamour Glamtitude Campaign (2013)

JTI wanted for Glamour a digitaly lead campaign to help with the sell and also to make the consumers more loyal to the brand. We developed a story told through the website in which the consumer would have to choose the way the story goes. The story was told through images and small HTML5 animations. We made a fotosession for the main character "played" by the consumer and included her in the drawed story.

The campaign was so succesful that all the cigarettes were sold out and an impressive number of women finished the story.

Golden Drum, I Feel Slovenia Competition (2008)

In 2008, within the Golden Drum competition, the Slovenian Tourist Board launched the contest for the best poster for their new slogan and logo - I FEEL SLOVENIA. My solution won first place as the Best Tourism Poster. More info here. - my former portfolio website

A few years ago I had a more complex website, made as a theatre stage. The actors were my alter egos. Each alter ego presented you the work he made and all of them has a part in mymesshow. For this project I filmed myself, I composed the music and I recorded it, all to make a complex and entertaing website. I also made all the flash programming.

This project won several digital recognitions.

I regali di Francesca branding (2012)

While working at Wunderman Romania I had the privilege to design the logo and the branding book for the I regali di Francesca Gourmet Italian Shop.